Lilith NYC, a womxn's sneaker startup. Founder Sarah Sukumaran is working around her kitchen island. Footwear and branding decks laid out on countertop.

Lilith NYC & Calling All Creators

"But despite my love of sneakers, I never imagined pursuing a career that would bridge that interest. To be honest, I don't think I even knew how to pursue or break into footwear. My career choices the last 10 years were really centered on ROI - what jobs were going to help me pay down my student loan debt and my family’s debt and make sure they’re okay for retirement. Tech wasn't a passion but it def paid the bills. When Nike called I thought, OK, this is awesome. I can work on my shared interests in data and tech, as well as footwear. They said they wanted someone who had the startup experience of managing lean teams and who could move quick. So I jumped at the opportunity."

Read the interview here.

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