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5 headed snake/naga/பாம்பு in circular and black & white illustration form


About Lilith 

Lilith is the most misunderstood character in mythology and folklore, consistently labeled a temptress or evil spirit. To us, Lilith is self-actualized, living her own truth and story versus ones forced upon her. We believe that there is a Lilith in each of us and we designed and developed our sneakers to help you embody this in every step. 

Shoes on. Eyes open. 


About Lilith NYC

Lilith NYC is a brand for womxn and all the underrepresented folx in the sneaker world. For too long, womxn have been forced to participate in the footwear industry in the shadow of men or a hyper-feminized way. 

Through Lilith NYC, our founder, Sarah Sukumaran, has created a space and sneaker centered for and by womxn. We want to celebrate the complexity in each of us, the multiple truths in style and self, and allow womxn to move in confidence, in a sneaker that is beautiful, versatile and durable.

Lilith NYC is very much about embracing our divine feminine energy, our Shakti, and recognizing a womxn’s agency to show up as they wish.


About Our Founder

Lilith NYC’s founder, Sarah Sukumaran (she/her), grew up in Elmhurst, Queens, the daughter of Tamil refugees who arrived stateside in the early 1980s. From a young age, Sarah saw that the boys were the ones who rocked the latest high heat sneakers. As she grew up, she became hyper aware that womxn were always overlooked by the sneaker industry and that the industry forced a very one-dimensional view of how womxn were to show up in sneaker culture. A view that continues to perpetuate the tropes that womxn have to be tomboys to be considered sneaker enthusiasts vs womxn exploring and expressing their style, gender, and sexuality across a spectrum. 

Lilith NYC is a love letter to Queens, to refugees, immigrants, the hustle. ❤️


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